Physical Poetry
…a Laboratory that explores the poetics of physicality by stimulating participants to explore their bodies from different perspectives and to find their own movement vocabulary…
…the work involves a chain of translations, amongst words, images, sounds and movements…
…we write, we draw, we dance, we think, we watch, we imitate, we write again, we close our eyes, we dance our words, we draw our feelings, we sing our drawings, we create stories and design our motion… searching within the basic elements of choreography - shape, rhythm, gesture and tempo.

Imaginary Bodies
...a Lab that involves the designing of experiences through which participants intuitively improvise with their imaginations to create “imaginary beings”, hybrid creatures, gods, mythological figures or spirits that arise from conscious and / or unconscious images and thoughts
....consequently, the exploration searches how these new “beings” and contemporary myths conceived can be used as instruments to stimulates participants to re-discover their body/voice and play with new possibilities of movements and sounds through the embodiment of an imaginary body. During the Lab, the participants will be invited to push their limits and allow themselves to flow with "madness". Particular attention will be given to the potential of getting rid of familiar patterns, to find an intuitive freedom of impulses and interior movements, and, finally, for each person to find the beings and energies concealed in their body.