The Valley of Sleep

The Valley of Sleep
exposes concealed territories of existence, revealing an indistinct chatter, an inner turmoil.

In a convergence point between the intuitive and the rational, restless bodies simmer - infinite possibilities unfold. A turbulent enchanting dance dissects our imaginary.

A spell is blown.

I question how can enchantment pierce our reality?

(Duration: 50 minutes)

* This performance is freely inspired by “The lover of the Jinn”, a painting by Abdel Hadi Al Gazzar

Premiered in “Madina Theatre” 
November 2022, Beirut, Lebanon.

Performed by Alexandre Habre, Aymeric Lorthiois, Michael Castalan and Yara Boustany
Dramaturgy Racha Baroud
Sound Design Jad Atoui
Light Design: Riccardo Clementi 
Assistant Set Design Lori Kharpoutlian 
Technical Support Farah Naboulsi
Photos by Nader Bahsoun

Coproduced by Les SUBS – lieu vivant d’expériences artistiques, Lyon

Supported by
Culture Resource, AlMawred AlThaqafy
AFAC , Arab Fund for Culture
Monpellier Danse, Agora, Cité Internationale de la Danse French Institute of Beirut, NAFAS Program
Amalgam Studio Beirut 
MaFk - Maison des Arts Fraikeh, Lebanon
Sidewalks Festival – Zoukak Theatre, Beirut.