On the human struggle to adapt and keep up in an ever-changing and evolving world, where both body and mind are rushed to accept and conform to new realities. And on the incompatible yet intricate and inseparable relationship between nature and cities. ‘ēvolvō’ deconstructs’ this modern human, bombarded with information, exposing the disappointments and fears generated from this dilemma. A mutant warrior, feeding on the city, thriving to create a link with nature, with an animal spirit at the core, embarks on the search for balance.

Solo performance
40 minutes

Choreography, performance, costumes and visuals: Yara Boustany
Sound design: William Llewellyn
Light Design: Riccardo Clementi
Creative Assistant: Racha Baroud
Supported by: Afac – Arab Fund for Arts and Culture

• 2018 – Premiered in BIPOD "Beirut International Platform of Dance" – Beirut - Lebanon.
• 2018 - Al Madina Theatre in Beirut – Lebanon.
• 2017 - 2018 Cialo Umsyl “Body/Mind” Festival - Warsaw, Poland.
• 2019 “Shubbak Festival” – London, Manchester, Liverpool - England.
• 2019 "Espace des Arts" National Theatre in Chalon sur Saone Festival – France.


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Al Modon
Al Sawt
L'Orient Le Jour