Noctilūca explores the potential re-appropriation of a lost wild layer of being. In the pursuit of a disciplined and controlled society, sparks of dynamism and life force have been dulled. Awakening the tamed and penetrating the unknown, I reunite with my body, in the sway of a primordial tune.

Solo performance
40 minutes

Choreography, performance, costumes and visuals: Yara Boustany
Composer: Giorgios Gargalas
Artistic Collaborator: Racha Baroud
Supported by: Breakin Art – Megaron – Athens and AFAC – Arab Fund for Culture

Photography and Video by Nader Bahsoun


  • 2020 – Premiered in Sunflower Theatre Beirut
  • 2020 - BIPOD "Beirut International Platform of Dance" – Live Streamed on Citerne


Daily Star
Agenda Culturel
Al Akhbar
L'Orient Le Jour