one day and one night

This piece reflects everyday life in Beirut, depicting 24 hours from sleep to wake – a journey from dreaming to reality. When asleep, the unconscious blends thoughts and memories to create shapes and images. When awake, the clatter and noise of the streets of the city confuse and overwhelm in a tormenting orchestra.

Solo Performance
(12 minutes Duration)

Choreography, dance, costumes and sound: Yara Boustany

  • 2017 - Premiered at the “International Solo Tanz Festival” Stuttgart - Germany.
  • 2017 - “Nehna wel Amar wel Jiran” in Hammana, Lebanon.
  • 2017 - Station Beirut – Lebanon.
  • 2018 - Solo Dance Festival of Ankara, Turkey.
  • 2019 “Shubbak Festival” – London, Manchester, Liverpool - England.